Luxe Lounging Mystery Bag

In this bag, you will receive 2 sets of loungewear (1 chemise and 1 camisole/shortie set, or 2 camisole/shortie sets)

Update: We sold out of the popular sizes in just 10 mins. Thank you for all your support. We will not let you down! For those who did not manage to get hands on a bag, please leave your email under "Notify me when back in stock" and we will do our best to have a round 2.


We will go through your past purchase history and select pieces we think you will like best. This also ensures you do not receive duplicates. If you are a first-time or recent customer, we will select generally well-reviewed styles for you.   

This year, as we have so few pieces to clear, most bags will contain a piece from our recent 2018 launches. Which makes this bag even more desirable! 

As we have a limited quantity of mystery bags, we hope you can limit your order to no more than 2 bags so everyone can take part in this. We thank you for your understanding. 


We know everyone hopes to receive something they will love, so please help us out! 

Please select the top size you usually go for and add that to cart. For bottoms, if we have your previous history, we will follow the sizes from there. Otherwise, please let us know your bottom size so we can pack the correct sizes.  

If you have other comments, do indicate your comments under "CUSTOM SPECIFICATIONS" below so we can take note of that. 

Extra small fits US 0-2, Small fits US 2-4, Medium fits US 4-6, Large fits US 6-8, Extra Large fits US 10

As packing and selecting each and every individual bag is a very time-consuming process, we seek your understanding that we may not be able to meet our usual next-day delivery timing, but trust that we will dispatch each order with love. 

This is a very very exclusive promotion and as such, we are unable to accommodate exchanges. That said, if the pieces missed our quality control process and are damaged in any way, we will definitely make it right for you. Should we be unable to fulfill your bag due to lack of suitable styles for you or other unforeseen circumstances, we will make a full refund back to the mode of payment. 

type: Mystery Bag Style: Extra Small