Nilo Nilo

Silk Pillow Case by NiloNilo


Undeniably gorgeous and fine, NiloNilo's silk pillowcases are your secret beauty weapon. Think about it. Nothing else in your world spends as much time touching your face and hair as your pillowcase. Hypoallergenic and gentle on your face, these silk pillowcases are also healthy for your hair.

Silk's natural breathability and unique moisture-wicking properties make it an especially good material for a hypoallergenic pillowcase. You’ll experience sweeter dreams and wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed. 

Mix and match with matching eye masks to create your own set!

We recommend dry cleaning to extend the life of your pillow case and keep its subtle lustre and delicate hand feel. You can also handwash using a mild detergent in cold or room temperature water. Do not soak.

Each case is made out of 19 momme 100% Mulberry silk, and measures 76cm x 49cm each. 

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