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Self Concept Workshop with Elynn Teo


As parents, partners, and good stewards, we often put others’ needs first and may neglect ours along the way. We are honoured to partner with Elynn Teo, empowerment coach and founder of The Mind Studio, in our first intimate afternoon tea session as we explore and embrace the idea of Self-Concept in our personal journey.

Hosted by Kate, join us in this session as we take the focus back on you, rediscover you, and bring back that spark that was in you all along. 

When: 7 May, Friday, 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Where: Gather Cowork Space
22 Martin Road, Level 4 Lounge
Singapore 239058

Price: $70 per pax. Afternoon tea & drinks will be provided. 

- Exercise to develop inner awareness
- Elynn will share about self-concept and how we can use it in our lives.
- Evaluation exercise where we look at our main life domains and assessing where we are now and where we want to do better at.
- Looking at our strengths, values and role models to evaluate your life's purpose. 

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