Botanic Garden Baby Wrap by Kit + Un


A breathable and soft baby wrap in our Botanic Garden print.

Perfect as a swaddle for infants, our multi-use baby wrap promises to grow with your baby. It is large enough to be a breastfeeding cover for mamas on the go, great as a blanket for older children – it can even be a fort for endless adventures! Our muslin is soft yet has enough texture to ensure a snug swaddle each time. For more tips on swaddling, check out our tips below.

Our Botanic Garden print is a flower spectacular, featuring psychedelic peonies against midnight blue. Take an evening stroll through an enchanted garden with this statement print; a modern take on the classic flower which has graced Chinese art work for hundreds of years. A symbol of luck, love and prosperity, this print is a must-have for any modern mama.

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