Supporting the Freelance Economy

-Come work with us!-


We embrace the freelance economy and we believe this is where individuals can be at their most productive and creative, giving their best to each project. We also believe in assigning a project to the person most suited for the task at hand, and it is for this reason we are always on the look out for talented individuals on projects basis. When you give your best, we like to be fair and reward generously in return for your hard work. 


If you have a great attitude and have a skillset to contribute, we would love to meet up with you. Currently looking for: 

Fashion designers, seamstresses

To be involved in our bespoke lingerie service, to design and make the loveliest lingerie pieces for our customers. 

Visual creators

Designers, illustrators, copywriters, web designers, stylists, photographers.

Please send your portfolio to 

Operational ninjas

If you are highly organised and find satisfaction in making small improvements, if you are not bogged down by the mundane, join us in a inventory management and order fulfillment role where your speed and accuracy directly translates to customer satisfaction. 

Please send your CV to