Commonly Asked Questions

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what are bralettes?

A bralette is a soft-cup bra which has no underwires, and can come lined or unlined. The perk by kate range of bralettes comes with removable padding, to overcome the insecurity of pokies and insufficient coverage.

We recommend investing in a good set of strapless bra, smooth T-shirt bra, half-cup demi bra, as well as 2 bralette styles (straight straps and T-back/ cross-back). If any of them come convertible, even better! This should sufficiently meet most of your lingerie needs.

who are bralettes suitable for?

Bralettes can fit ladies of different body shapes and sizes. Smaller petite ladies can find comfort in most styles, especially triangle bralettes. Fuller ladies can find support and coverage in bralettes with fuller cups, wide bands as well as thicker straps.

Bralettes are also great for maternity use. Our padded bralettes come with a slot for removable padding, which are useful for inserting nursing pads. Alot of our customers have survived their pregnancy and breastfeeding period with our range of soft cup and padded bralettes!

If you have had surgery done and have to refrain from wearing underwire bras, our range of bralettes are here to help.

how do I wear bralettes?

Perfect under T-shirts, tank tops and sun-dresses, bralettes are great for tropical weather or for layering under your winter wear. Do experiment with your clothing to find the perfect formula of comfort and chic.

I am keen on trying your lingerie. What are the payment options available?

We accept credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) via STRIPE Payment Gateway. STRIPE processes online credit card transactions for thousands of merchants, providing a safe and secure means of collecting payments via the internet. We also accept Paypal payments. If you are checking out on mobile, we offer Apple Pay. 

For Singaporean customers, we accept Bank Transfers and DBS Paylah!. 

For China and Hong Kong customers, if you would like to pay via Wechat Pay or AliPay, do contact us separately. 

how do I take care of my bralettes?

While throwing your bralettes in the machine is a tempting notion and done at your own risk, it is best to handwash them in cold water, and lay flat to dry. This will prevent eyelash lace especially, from curling. Do not soak your intimates for longer than 10 minutes. If your eyelash lace is curling up, flip the bralettes over and use a steam iron to smooth out the edges.

If in doubt about how colourfast a coloured lace is, do conduct a colourfast test on an inconspicuous part of the bralette before you wash it.

do you do alterations for bralettes?

We offer minor alteration services like fixing of straps or shortening of bands. We also offer refurbishing services for worn out bralettes! This is to ensure your favourite bra get to last as long as they can possibly can. Sewing pads on the cups of an unpadded bralette is not recommended. Also, not every piece is suitable for alteration due to their delicate nature, so email us at for enquiries.

what does handmade mean to us?

Handmade to us, refers to the exclusion of factory processes and use of less machinery typically used for a mass-manufactured piece. It does not mean that each bralette is sewn by hand with needle and thread. A machine is critical in ensuring the bralette is sewn well together, and actually improves the quality of the end product. The workshop we partner with employs a small team of seamstresses to put together each bralette, where each bralette's fabric and trim is cut by hand without the use of a cutting machine, then assembled by the seamstress using a sewing machine. Threads are then being trimmed, bows are being sewn on, then pads inserted at the end.

when do you restock? why are you always out of stock? 

We apologise for the out of stock situation. As we do not work with big factories to mass produce our bralettes, instead, we choose to partner with a workshop who employs a small team of seamstresses to put them together, each style comes in limited quantities. We like that we are small, and we know each piece produced is special. The effort in assembling the bralettes goes down to the smallest detail, like making each and every bow from a roll of ribbon.

Every other month, we will focus on restocking pieces which are sold out. If the lace has sold out completely, we may still make that same style but in a different lace.

To be notified on restocks, the best way would be to leave your email under the "Notify me" function under each product that is sold out. Remember, the more requests there are for a particular style, the more we'll prioritise that in our order.

how about your new collections?

We aim to launch a new collection every alternate month. In every new collection, you can expect new lingerie styles and colourways. The timing may change slightly should we need to cater for a larger restock order.

do you take custom orders?

While we may not be able to cater to every size and body shape in our current sizing line up, we are happy to help you out with custom orders. If we can make it happen, we will. Please contact to share your needs.

do you sell gift cards?

Yes, in fact we do. All gift cards are personalised for your gifting purpose, and we have even worked with artists to co-design the perfect gift card. Write to us at with your intended value and the nature of the gift, and we'll work something out for you.