oh bralettes.. you wondrous thing!

-all about our obsession with this lovely intimate-

Why are we so mad about bralettes, you may ask. A seemingly unorthodox choice of lingerie to the unfamiliar, bralettes are actually one of the most valuable pieces of intimate you have to have in your wardrobe. When we first discovered this lovely intimate, we were instantly hooked. What's not to love, with their soft cups, feels-like-nothing's-there band and seriously feminine designs?

This is also the reason why we pioneered the concept of the padded bralette, a reinvention of the classic bralette everyone has come to love. Non-wired yet comes with removable padding, you get all of the lovely bralette details, and none of the discomfort an underwire bra brings. They are appropriate for most occasions, and will take you through the day in comfort, and with style. 


with designers dedicated to the creation of such exquisite pieces, there is a style and fit for everyone.



discover the world of bralettes and treat yourself to a lovely piece today>