it's how it makes you feel...

- kate low, creator 


Feeling good has alot to do with a certain innerwear...

And the key is in the details: a perfect cut, good support and quality fabric. Our focus on delighting customers with a refreshing selection of lingerie has gathered us a strong following, all who are confident and are not afraid to challenge the conventions of what style and beauty represents.

Specialised offering, thoughtfully selected

It is an amazing feat to be the first lingerie retailer in Singapore to specialise in padded bralettes as well as high tech panties. We are not interested in "fast lingerie". We want to bring you good pieces of lingerie that you can wear over and over again. This dedicated effort in search of the right pieces, to design the perfect pieces, to partner brands whom we support and who believe in us, to unite all who have the same passion for lingerie, will go on.

Online retailing with a human touch

The shop is online. The service comes from the heart. Beyond our promise of home fittings, free returns and free exchanges, there has also been much thought and care put into your order, before it is being sent out. We want to bring a smile to your face, that look of pleasant surprise when you open up our little white box and like what you see inside.





It makes us very happy, when we know we have shared something good with all of you.