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Get Strong, New Mama Online Class


Get Strong, New Mama is the latest programme from The Pilates Life - a self-care and physical recovery series specially tailored for postpartum mamas in the first 90 days following childbirth. 

Upon purchase, The Pilates Life will proceed to set up an account for you, and you will receive the activation email within 48 hours.


Served online in an engaging audiovisual format, mamas can learn all about safely easing themselves back into exercise, through re-connecting to their core and pelvic floor; and functional training that will help them with lifting and carrying their growing baby day in and out.

Postpartum conditions such as incontinence, symphysis pubis dysfunction and diastasis recti (the separation of the abdominal muscles which takes place during pregnancy) will also be addressed.

The programme is structured into three phases - with the aim that by the end of 90 days, mamas would have gained back sufficient core strength and pelvic floor connection to ease themselves back into their pre-baby workout routine. The first phase (Week 0 to 6) focuses on recovery, and re-connecting to their core and pelvic floor, whether they've had a natural delivery or C-section.


Gayle is a certified STOTT Pilates instructor and a lifestyle nutrition coach, specializing in working with prenatal and postnatal mamas.

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